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Zhejiang Huangyan Lingzhi plastic factory is located in the moulds town-huangyan,we are a manufacture of specialing in one time table ware(including cup,bowl and plate series)in accordance with the subject of green,environm ental protection,the available factory buildings occupy more than 1,800 square meter(other 20 acreages is being builded now).We have 9 equipments of the plastic cement folw process,20 equiment of the paper flow process and more 200 staffs.

To depend on the advantageous of complate varieties and excellent quality and reasonable price,we are continuously promoting the brand of lingzhi products.Lingzhi products are sold well in many supremarkets all over the country and Europe,AUSTRALIA,SINGAPORE,USA and so on.Continuous creation,continuous improvement and satisfied the needs of clients and marketing are the common desire and goal for lingzhi factory!

Our company welcome to accept OEM.Sincerely welcome vast travelling trader to cooperate and develop the enterprise of plastid and paper together.

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